Node.js (Node) is an open source development platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. Originally, JavaScript was primarily worked on client-side, but NodeJS is either worked on client-side or a server-side, depending on the purpose of the app. Starting point of NodeJS is mainly from Server Side.

Service advantages

  • Node.js solves this problem by running JavaScript on the server side, without a web browser and can be run on all popular operating systems.
  • The amount of nodes that can be added to the core programming function are nearly limitless, so it provides more scaleability.
  • NodeJS uses V8 engine to compile functions written in JavaScript into machine code at high speed.
  • NodeJS’s Non-blocking Input/Output and asynchronous request handling make it capable of processing requests without any delays.
  • NodeJS’s used by many people so it has one of the most active community where there are additional functionality and ready-to-use code libraries and extensive support from development experts if development problems are to occur.

What do you get from this service?

  • Develop scalable web applications with great performance.
  • NodeJS has ability to handle multiple requests at once.
  • Reduce your programming budget because it has extensive package management library with thousands of open-source options.

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